Frankenford Meets Duffy the PMO Vampire Slayer

Just when you think that interest in anything political was all but deep-sixed in this country, two juicy scandals have single-handedly revived the public’s interest in politics.

It’s true. Canadians were actually queuing up on Parliament Hill this past week to catch a glimpse of senior citizens debating in the Senate. But this was not just any boring, civil debate. It involved three senators (who just happened to have been caught) demonized for allegedly claiming inelligible expenses on the public’s dime.

Frankenstein & Dracula

Senator Mike Duffy stole the spotlight when his testimony linked PM Harper closer to former chief of staff Nigel Wright’s decision to write a $90,000.00 to Duffy.

Now Mr. Harper is probably writing a thank you note to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for, once again, graciously deflecting the Canadian public’s attention away from the latest beating the PM’s reputation has been taking, thanks largely to Mr. Duffy. Note to the PMO – do not cross former journalists.

Mr. Ford is also making international news again – for a video purportedly showing him smoking crack cocaine and uttering racist and homophobic slurs. But you already know this, don’t you? Because we all love to see someone else fall and implode from time to time. Especially when the person free-falling or imploding is the leader of a peace-loving, polite country like Canada or world class city like Toronto. Oh ya, happy Halloween. Trick or treat?


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