2013 Mayor’s Poetry Challenge – Waterloo

My poem Waterloo won the Mayor’s City Poetry Challenge and I was honored to read it to Waterloo City Council on May 27th.


Reading my poem to Waterloo City Council on May 28th.
Photo by Rebecca Coker


summer jazz,
sultry, sonorous,
where buskers bedazzle
and delight multitudes.

Who, on Canada Day,
also drink in deeply,
a pyrotechnic feast
of colour, sight
and sound
at Columbia Lake.

And in autumn,
bratwurst and beer halls,
Bavarian costumes, barrel races
marching bands and music reign,
roll like thunder.

Echoing across playing fields
where childhood dreams
rise, dance and fall
over clay, grass, ice and sand.

UW and Laurier,
Academic gems, dream-castles
where fertile young minds
teem with possibility and bold ideas,
and shiny glass towers shout out
in the spirit of “Why not?”
a quantum leap.

Trails carved by time,
where blackberries grow
and grey silos gaze
down upon streams and rivers,
twisting gently, among towering, ancient trees
and lush fairways.

Where families in both horse-drawn buggies and BMWs,
market vendors, patrons young and old, can gather freely,
mingle and mix among crafts, smells of cider,
livestock and fresh apple fritters,
to savor the sweet promise of a new day.

By Michael G. Redfearn – 2013

Photo Credit: Rebecca Coker

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