Connecting at Dis-Connected:TEDxWaterloo 2012

On its own, the impressive TEDxWaterloo 2012 line-up of speakers and entertainers would be enough to seriously overload the minds and hearts of even the most jaded, hardcore TEDx fans. Take for instance the heart-wrenching yet spiritually redemptive stories shared by Alicia Raimundo and Izzeldin Abuelaish. Their personal anguish, still ringing in my consciousness, also evoked in me the refrains from a couple of popular songs from the 70’s (Driven to Tears or King of Pain by The Police).

Now don’t get me wrong. TEDxWaterloo 2012 wasn’t all purgatory and pain. It was also punctuated by a generous dose of giddy moments, like when Mathew Ho delighted us with his ‘Lego man in space’ video. Or when Krister Shalm with his personal magician and swing dancers actually made quantum physics look like fun. Anyway, if you want the complete list of remarkable presenters and their biographies, I urge you to visit TEDxWaterloo.

I would also like to share with you the podcast (below) of an interview I conducted with two of my Technological Skills Elementary Competition colleagues (Kellie Grant & Rolland Chidiac) who attended TEDxWaterloo for the first time. They shared with me some insights into their take on the main theme of this year’s TEDxWaterloo event ‘Dis Connected’ and how it relates to their students’ lives.


One Comment on “Connecting at Dis-Connected:TEDxWaterloo 2012”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cutting edge R and such a way with words!!! Delightful

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