Scott Weiler’s Legacy Lives On

by Michael Redfearn, Phil Lehmann, Jennifer Wright

Scott Weiler was so much more than a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. He was truly a gentle spirit, a refreshingly humble, genuine and caring human being. The shocking news of his sudden passing while traveling in Nepal, India on August 15, 2010 was a lightning bolt to the hearts of all who knew him.

On that fateful day in August, the hearts of his family and friends were shattered, but comforted by the fact that special memories of Scott has helped to heal the pain of his loss and sustain and hearten them in the knowledge that he enriched the lives of numerous students and teachers during his brief time with us.

It was perhaps destiny that Scott Louis Weiler, a man with a deep zest for life, was born in 1972, the same year the hockey world was captivated by the now-famous Super Summit hockey series between Canada and the Soviet Union. Scotty lived life with a passion that translated into everything he did, whether it was during his stint as an insurance agent, as a teacher in the classroom mentoring struggling students, on the sports field coaching or cheering on the Celtic athletes, biking, running, traversing the globe or just hanging with friends.

A man of faith, Scotty’s charmingly unconventional personality dominated every aspect of his life. Behind his mile-wide mischievous grin was a fun-loving nature that forever endeared him to his family, wide circle of friends and students. His family has always been so full of kindness, love and faith, and these are traits that Scotty exuded even during times when most people his age were not.

Scott made it “cool” to love God. He cared about the people in his life and he always surrounded himself with REAL people. He was never impressed by facades. Scott loved life and faced it with awe, wonder, and adventure. He didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk and it was always so clear that God was walking right alongside.

We had the honor and privilege of working with Scott at St. David Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo, Ontario where he taught for the past seven years. His upbeat attitude and wonderful sense of humor were infectious.  That he was pursuing one of his fondest passions, world adventure travel, when he passed on, is both a fitting and comforting irony for his family and friends.

He leaves us with a chance to take things on. Scotty always lived to make a mark and impact those around him. His humor and wacky outbursts did not take away from his true intentions to inspire in subtle ways. We can often find ourselves making our day to day struggles the main acts of our lives. Scotty would want us to take a closer look at those things we call stressors and embrace the bigger picture. The only time to inspire, lead and affect is and has always been now. By traveling the globe, always lending a helping hand, and living in a sustainable way, Scott reminded us that we shouldn’t wait to do something real, we should simply just do it. He did, no matter how many of those around guffawed at his latest exciting adventure in life.

Scotty really did belong in the world of teaching. It takes a unique individual to truly care and work at inspiring youth who may not always offer gratitude. This is the type of person Scott was and this attitude exemplified by him everyday, is something we can all use to strengthen our own character and our own potential to give selflessly.

God must have chosen Scotty at this moment in time for an important role. His spirit is probably soaring somewhere near a Himalayan peak right now, free, unfettered . . . at peace . . . which is perhaps Scotty’s way of saying to his family and friends that “wherever you are in your life journey, take heart, have courage, dance like nobody’s watching, follow your dreams and never look back.”


To  assist students in need, the Scott Weiler Legacy Fund was established in his honor. Tax deductible donations can be made to the: St. David CSS – Scott Weiler Fund c/o the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation, 35 Weber Street West · PO Box 91116 · Kitchener Ontario · N2G 4G2.