The Epiphany: What happens in Vegas . . .

The last place on earth I thought I would glimpse the divine this Christmas season was while cruising the Las Vegas strip.

Yet, amid the frenetic crush of countless wild-eyed tourists of all ages, bathed in the hypnotic glare of  shafts of brilliant light cascading from the Belaggio Resort fountain, flowed the sweet strains of the Alleluia from Handel’s Messiah.

This was not the familiar Bethlehem of long ago that had been drummed since childhood into my consciousness. No humble shepherds, silent night or lowly stable to comfort, only the incessant clatter of ubiquitous slot machines and carnal offerings from strange men peddling sex-trade cards to passersby.

This was disturbing . . . . death and birth, light and darkness . . . at once inextricably bound and indistinguishable.

What emerges though is that WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE, each and every one of us and that a miraculous birth over two-thousand years ago makes this choice possible.

Praise Him.

Photo: M. Redfearn