inspire connect teach – ecoo 2009

pay_attentionMy first ECOO (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario) Conference experience felt, at times, Just like Heaven (The ‘Tweetup’ with my Twitter comrades) and left me feeling a little Dazed and confused (Ian Jukes inspiring & dizzying workshops).

The common thread running throughout the two days that I attended would be best ‘ecooed’ in the 60’s Dylan tune The Times they are a changin‘.

Though mainly ‘preaching to the choir’ (many of the delegates had their own mobile device,  laptop, netbook or some other such ‘geeky’ gadget in tow) conference dynamos like Ian Jukes and Alec Couros both enlightened and entertained the masses assembled for the 30th anniversary edition of ECOO.

Using the Twitter hashtag #ecoo – many of the conference participants (myself included) tweeted during the workshops so that those who could not attend in person, could participate virtually.

Not waiting for the dust to settle from ECOO 2009 – kudos to conference chair @brendasherry and her committee members for all their wonderful work and for creating a post-conference wiki – ECOOnections – to help capture the energy, ideas, emotions and reflections that simmered, percolated and bubbled to the surface over the 3 day conference.

I plan on carrying the enthusiasm from ECOO 2009 into my role as ICT consultant for the Waterloo Catholic DSB and to my own workshop at the RCAC 2009 conference in December in London, Ontario.

What is your plan?

Let us go forth and continue to ‘marinate’ the minds and hearts of those with whom we work so that our students will ultimately benefit from our labor – otherwise, “The future is going to jump out at us and catch us with our paradigms down.” (Jukes).

BTW – I never saw the gorilla! (inside conference reference)

Photo: alykat’s photostream


2 Comments on “inspire connect teach – ecoo 2009”

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  2. R Chidiac says:

    Your post made me laugh. I didn’t know there was so much “out there” for ICT consultants!! I would love to hear (read) about how your experiences at these conferences and how they are connecting to the students in the WCDSB.

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