Paint Your Dream in 2009-2010

Like an artist’s fresh canvas, the official start of the school year is usually rife with the promise and potential that new beginnings offer us. This year is no different.  autumn

As a JK-12 Technology consultant for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board some of my main duties include:

1. Chairing the elementary and secondary software committees.

2. Co-ordinatoring the Elementary Skills Canada Regional Competition in
partnership with my Waterloo Region District School Board counterpart.

3. As the DeLC (District e-Learning Contact), I will assist student success
teachers as they use the ministry of education’s LMS (Learning Management System) to help students recover their credits.

4. Supporting teachers in their efforts to integrate technology in curriculum delivery. This includes technology such as interactive whiteboards and web-based resources (e.g. Learn360 video streaming, ExploreLearning interactive Gizmos, Adobe Connect etc.).

Other plans for the upcoming school year include:

– more blog posts

– refining my PLN (Professional Learning Network) on Twitter

– presentations on Using Web2.0 to develop a PLN at: the Educational Technology Conference at Nipissing University (Brantford), When Faith
Meets Pedagogy
Conference (Toronto)

– completing the final course for the Master of Catholic Thought Program at St. Jerome’s University, then starting my thesis.

What will your painting look like? Carpe Diem!

Photo Credit: immarkcz


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