Dare to dream

Earth_view“Magnificent desolation” is how American astronaut ‘Buzz’ Aldrin described the lunar landscape during the historic moon landing on July 20, 1969.

Like millions of other people on planet Earth, I was riveted to my TV set watching the grainy black & white images of the first men on the moon.

“Whew, boy” exclaimed CBS -TV news anchor Walter Cronkite as he wrung his hands and grinned like a tongue-tied giddy schoolboy when the lunar lander finally touched down.

I must admit that I was an impressionable wide-eyed 12 year-old who hung on every static-ridden word and each awkward movement beamed by NASA around the world.

In retrospect, this monumental event in the history of humanity was worth the immense cost in material, human effort and lives.

Much of the technological and scientific progress all around us that we enjoy today is due to bold initiatives such as the one that was launched by the late president John F. Kennedy’s daring challenge in 1961.

Since the historic lunar landing, we do not look at the moon or the stars in the same way. Indeed, the glorious photos of the earth taken from the moon have caused us to view our planet from a completely different perspective.

Almost every astronaut who has viewed the magnificence of earth from the desolate blackness of space has described it as a spiritual experience that has forever changed their life.

God speed to the astronauts currently living at the international space station. God speed to the tens of thousands of people around the world who have contributed and continue to contribute to the noble endeavor of space exploration in man’s quest to exceed his grasp.

God speed to those born and unborn who will walk upon the face of Mars in the years to come.

“To strive, to seek to find and not to yield.”
Tennyson, Ulyssess

Photo Credit: NASA Image Gallery


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