Father Irek: moved by the Spirit

red_balloonHow fitting it is that someone who has helped breathe life into our parish community during the past seven years – also led the final children’s liturgy on the solemn feast of Pentacost.

Father Irek, one of the good shepherds of St. Agnes Parish, gathered the children and invited them to sit around the altar steps one last time to teach them about the Holy Spirit.

With red balloon in one hand and an artist’s representation of the Pentacost event in the other, Father shared with his captive young flock the importance of air in giving shape and life to inanimate objects.

After filling the balloon with his own breath, he urged the children to do the same by giving each of them their own balloon and asking them to invite the Holy Spirit help them to breathe life into their own families and community.

To further illustrate the point he was making, Father showed the children, much to their delight, what happens when a balloon quickly deflates as when the life is sucked out of a community.

Though we will dearly miss Father Irek, his quirky sense of humor, special children’s liturgy homilies and all the many unique gifts of the spirit he brought to the St. Agnes community – we also wish him our deep heart-felt thanks and all the best in his new role at St. Ambrose Parish in Cambridge.

We are confident that the same loving spirit that led him into our community will guide him safely along during the next stage of his sacred apostolic journey.

Photo Credit: Marv


One Comment on “Father Irek: moved by the Spirit”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Father Irik is one of those special people that enter into our lives for a reason, a season or a time. He has touched so many people with his sincerity of faith, his sense of humour and his willingness to connect to people of all ages. I am sure wherever he goes, he will bring the Spirit of Jesus into the lives of all the members of his community that he meets. God Bless you Father in your work and personal life.

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