The greatest love story of all

jesus1Ask most people who still go to see the latest films or rent or purchase new DVD releases what their favorite movie is and invariably, they will tell you the one they have just seen ranks up there among the best.

No surprise in an A.D.D.-ridden culture that tends to worship and reward the flashy pop ‘flavor-of-the-week’ sensation.

Three recent performances of the ‘passion’ at my parish reminded me that the greatest story ever written or told involves, not the latest celebrity-‘train-wreck in rehab’ or over-hyped new film release, but the humble carpenter’s son from Nazareth.

From my unique vantage point as a choir member at my parish – I was able to witness first-hand how a story, told countless times for over two-thousand years and to which we already know the ending – still causes tears to rise in the heart, gather to the eyes and overflow.

The powerful story of the complete self-sacrifice and profound suffering of the one deemed by first-century Roman authorities to be a trouble-maker and threat to their political power base, transcends time.

Its moving chapters are inscribed in the hearts and souls of the lonely, the poor, sick and alienated among us. Their salvation lies in the unfathomable pain borne by the one who was brutally tortured and executed beside two common thieves.

It is a story that culminates in the transformation of the lives of those who have lost all hope, but who are forever changed by the one whose love has conquered death and whose timeless story still brings us to tears.

Photo Credit: Katch


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