Natasha Richardson: “A fleeting wisp of glory”

p1010400The tragic and untimely death of actress, daughter, sister, wife and mother Natasha Richardson has unleashed a torrent of public grief and sympathy for her and her family. Her sudden death reminds us all again of just how precious and fragile life really is.

Only a few hours after what, by all reports, was a routine fall on a beginner’s ski hill – online bloggers were already debating the merits of the exorbitant media coverage the fall had sparked.

Some bloggers lamented the fact that the average person falling, striking their head and injuring themselves during a skiing lesson would garner little if any of the media spotlight. One bone-headed boor actually posted a comment suggesting that Richardson’s fall was somehow divine retribution for skiing at a luxury resort during an economic depression.

Natasha Richardson was no ordinary person. Refusing early on to ride the coattails of her mother’s (Vanessa Redgrave) fame – Natasha was an extraordinary talent in her own right. A Tony Award winner and accomplished theater, film and television actress, and AIDS awareness activist and fundraiser, she blazed a most impressive trail during her brief 45 years among us.

No doubt she inherited some her exceptional talent and beauty from her famous mother. This cinematic clip from the 1967 film version of the musical Camelot gives one a glimpse into this stunning familial beauty and astounding similarity in likeness between Natasha and her mother.

To her entire family, especially her loving mother and beloved husband Liam Neeson, her sister Joely, her two sons Micheal and Daniel and devoted fans and colleagues she was anything but ordinary – indeed, Natasha Richardson’s brief, extraordinary life – like the legendary Camelot was truly “a fleeting wisp of glory”, a heavenly gift and dazzling flame that was extinguished . . . all . . . too soon . . . too soon.

Photo: M. Redfearn


One Comment on “Natasha Richardson: “A fleeting wisp of glory””

  1. Joe says:

    She was good in the Parent Trap and a few others… RIP Natasha

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