Top 10 Hopes for 2009

hopehope3hope110. That the Israeli government officials and Palestinian leaders read and implement the values contained in the 10 things I learned in kindergarten.

9. That all teachers read and internalize the noble ideas expressed in Clark Molenhoff’s poem In Honor of Teachers.

8. That more people like the irate Iraqi journalist upset with President George W. Bush – would choose to fire shoes instead of bullets at their enemies.

7. For Crackberry, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter and other hi-tech-gadget addicts/users to seek immediate help for their debilitating disease.

6. That more people turn to renowned Canadian author and environmental
activist David Suzuki rather than Prime Minister Stephen Harper for
advice on the environment.

5. That RIM co-founder Jim Balsille finally gets his wish to own an NHL
franchise – especially if it is located close to Waterloo Region.

4. For more Canadians to get involved in the political process – that is – by
actually taking the time to inform themselves of who their local and
federal candidates are, which party they represent and then actually

3. That Canadians also take the time to learn the various meanings of the
word ‘eh’ as well as other things that are uniquely Canadian.

2. That unless he orders all drive-thrus closed effective immediately – the
ghost of Tim Horton will visit the donut chain’s current CEO and warn him
he will be visited by 3 spirits in the New Year.

1. For American gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps to become a Canadian
citizen sometime before the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Photo Courtesy: just.luc’s photostream


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