View from the Mountain Top

How sweet it must be for all those alive today who marched side by side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the epic struggle of African-Americans for civil rights over 40 years ago.

How sweet it must be for old civil rights warriors like John Lewis who was beaten bloody by a white mob during one of many freedom rides. Or the Reverend Jessie Jackson who helped keep hope alive by participating with Dr. King in the bloody Selma to Montgomery marches in 1965.

How sweet it must be for the millions of African-Americans whose families have, for decades, endured the hopelessness of grinding poverty and the stinging scourge of racism.

The election of the first African-American president, Barack Obama, in the history of the United States, is proof that the promise of freedom that rung out from the inspirational voice of the Baptist minister at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 – has finally been heard by Americans of every stripe.

“Let freedom ring” . . . from the glaciers of Alaska . . . “Let freedom ring” . . . from the mountain tops of California . . . “Let freedom ring” . . .