Robert Kennedy Jr. – A visionary in the wilderness

When sweeping across Europe with his father during the 1960’s – Robert Kennedy Jr. vividly recalls the expressions of hope etched on the faces of the people in the massive crowds they encountered on their journey.

The eyes he saw radiated a profound hope in America, the democratic and moral leader of the free world and champion of human rights.

Fast forward four decades to 2008 and the picture of a post 9/11 America that emerges is one where democracy has been gutted by morally bankrupt lobbyists and corrupt politicians who deny global warming as they pimp for their petroleum-pushing, coal-burning corporate overlords.

These ‘biostitutes’ as Kennedy calls them, are robbing his six children, three of whom have asthma, and, by extension, all of our children of their natural birthright to breathe clean air, drink untainted water and eat fish that has not been contaminated by mercury spewed from the smoke stacks of coal burning plants.

Kennedy spoke to an audience of about 300 people at the Waterloo Recreation Complex last night as part of reThink Waterloo, an environmental conference. A main thrust of his talk focused on a defective power grid that needs to be rebuilt from scratch to accommodate alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power.

The third of eleven children, Robert Kennedy Jr. is cut from the same cloth as his martyred father. He could have rested on his laurels and lived out his life quite comfortably on the Kennedy family inheritance.

But like his attorney-general father before him, who brazenly stared down mob bosses in the 1960’s – Robert Kennedy Jr. enthusiastically takes on today’s environmental criminals who, for the sake of the quick buck, poison the land, air and water – thereby robbing future generations of their God-given human dignity and right to a enjoy a healthy community.

For Kennedy – Canada remains a beacon of tolerance, prudence and democracy, a role model to an American public whose indolent and negligent press has long-abandoned covering complex issues such as global warming, the insane war raging in Iraq or poverty.

As a result, Americans are more informed and concerned about celebrities like Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton than they are about more important matters.

In closing out his nearly two-hour speech to a captive audience, Kennedy carefully pointed out how the precious natural environment is at the heart of every major world religion. Buddha, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus and Mohamed were all enlightened while in the midst of God’s creation in the wilderness.

To us the torch is passed.


One Comment on “Robert Kennedy Jr. – A visionary in the wilderness”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The torch indeed has been passed on. I have so much respect for RFK Jr. Check out what he’s doing in the US as well, trying to get attention for voter fraud. He’s awesome, his father would have been proud.

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