Vote with Your Remote

I can’t believe this! I thought Canadians were tolerant, pluralistic, fair and democratic-minded.

Apparently Harper and Layton are not. Show the media groups who backed down and decided to silence and exclude Green Party leader Elizabeth May from the leaders debate that you will ‘Vote with Your Remote’ by watching the American Presidential candidates debate instead on October 1st.

Phone, email, blog, twitter, fax – CBC, Radio Canada, CTV, Global and TVA.

Join the ‘Vote with Your Remote’ Facebook group.

If you want the Canadian federal political debate to feature the Green Party candidate as well as the other 3 major party leaders – then let the Canadian Television and Radio networks know about it. Vote with your remote by watching the American presidential candidates debate on October 1st.

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One Comment on “Vote with Your Remote”

  1. Rodd Lucier says:

    Mike, It seems that the ‘consortium’ that is running the debates, has heard the wisdom of the crowds and with the grudging consent the PCs, the Greens will be in the debate!

    My brother pulled me into a conversation on how ‘remote’ participation is changing the way the public responds to injustice.

    If you can stand it, check out “Power to the People” where even the ‘telemegaphone’ gains an audience:

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