Power on, log in, drop out – CCK08

Is it just me or is anyone else afraid, very afraid of where technology may be leading us?

“Private contact with familiar friends and workmates is replacing public gregariousness so that people pass each other unsmiling on streets, highways and hallways.”
– Little boxes, Glocalization and Networked Individualism

I am a technology consultant immersed in a wireless, connected world, finding it increasingly difficult to step off the technology treadmill. As much as I truly value the myriad of social connections and knowledge developed via cyberspace and the new technologies – I am equally concerned about how quickly these virtual networks are eroding my daily face-to-face interactions.

In Technopoly, Neil Postman observes that the computer “subordinates the claims of our nature, our biology, our emotions, our spirituality.”

Computer networks (intra & internet) and connectivism by their very nature subordinate personal, face-to-face contact – where the nuances of body language, vocal tone and facial expression immeasurably enrich human communication.

‘Networked individualism’ is an all-encompassing, paradoxical term that suggests harmony and balance when perhaps by engaging others via wireless technologies – nothing could be further from the truth.

Rather than blending culture and technology – perhaps we are surrendering culture to technology.

Just a few thoughts . . .

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One Comment on “Power on, log in, drop out – CCK08”

  1. Valdis Krebs says:

    Yes Mike, I have felt that way too … brave new world we are stumbling into… but not necessarily like the book.

    I also wonder about all of the data we have out there… especially when powerful methods like social network analysis are thrown at data and we end up with misinterpretations of what it means.

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