2 Minutes for Stupidity CBC

When the CBC indicated that its iconic theme song may no longer ring out in homes from Bonavista to Vancouver Island to the Arctic Circle – I felt as if I had been cross-checked in the face.

Scenes of the late CBC hockey broadcasters Foster Hewitt, Ward Cornell and Danny Gallivan flashed before my eyes.

Methought I heard shrieks of outrage echo throughout corridors of that Canadian shrine of shrines – holy of holies, the renowned Hockey Hall of Fame.

Why were not the very people who pay the salaries of CBC executives, you and I, consulted about such a seismic artistic leap? These same execs have no problem foisting tired reruns of Road to Avonlea or Degrassi upon their paying public.

Yet after the initial spasms of shock and indignation subsided – my cynical side emerged. What a brilliant way to capture the attention of the Canadian hockey faithful, especially the boomers, by sucker-punching them.

What better way to solicit and seduce ‘youth buy-in’ by focusing on the need for change and to move forward into the future? The topper was the $100,000.00 bribe to anyone who can create the winning ‘brand new’ Hockey Night in Canada theme song.

Anne Murray – Snowbird
Gordon Lightfoot – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Bob & Doug Mackenzie – Hosers & beer
Paul Henderson 1972 – Shot heard round-the-world
Stoppin Tom Connors – The Hockey Song
Wayne Gretzky – The Great One
Gordie Howe – Mr. Hockey
Bobby Hull – The Golden Jet
Bobby Orr – Poetry in Motion
Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song – done . . done done . done done . . . done done . . done done – DONE!

Join the chorus – sign the online petition to save the song!

This one is a ‘no-brainer’. CBC – 2 minutes for stupidity!

Photo Courtesy: Dr Starbuck


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