Welcome to McLuhansghost blog!

As you can see – this blog is rather fresh; like a new pair of jeans or sneakers – I’d love for you to help me break it in.

I’m hoping to spark discussion around such topics as: instructional technology in the classroom, religious faith and technology, how students learn, how we can tap into how students learn or any other media, technology or faith-related issues.

You don’t need to be a classroom teacher to voice an opinion. Everybody ‘teaches’ to one degree or another and everyone has been on the other side as a student. You just need to have an opinion and willingness to share it in a reasonable and respectful manner.

Who knows – your thoughts may even contribute to my Master’s thesis (Master of Catholic Thought) – or first book . . . sometime within the next couple of years . . . decade?

Anyway – to get the ball rolling – please take a minute to comment on my recent editorial on the disturbing trend of school shootings –Media must shoulder blame for violent rampages.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and hopefully . . . share your thoughts.

Let the ‘clash of ideas’ begin!



3 Comments on “Welcome to McLuhansghost blog!”

  1. Rodd Lucier says:

    I’m looking forward to checking in here Michael. RSS feeds make it easy to keep tabs on so much these days.

    Although I’ve had my own book ideas, this blogging environment is the lone writing tool I’ve been using of late.

    Loved your rant in the Record. Discretion and media are two words commonly dissociated nowadays… Welcome Back!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m a student from St.Davids in a media class and I have to agree with you about the shooters just wanting attention. Isn’t that what we all thrive for, to get our name in the news and if we’re really lucky maybe even a picture. I think it’s wrong that the news reporters give these sick shooters big headlines. The real importance about these incidents is the people who are harmed in the killings. Do those families get peace from reading about the shooters who killed their daughters or sons? I don’t think so. If you knew for sure that your face and name would appear on the front page of the news wouldn’t you want to go on a rampage? And don’t even get me started on celebrities. oh yes lets show them getting drunk and make a big deal out of rehab visits, but when people are starving and living on the streets…who cares right? No one knows them so why make a big deal out of it right. Come on media reporters, lets get a life and show some real news.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Im a student at St.Davids, in Mrs. Wright’s media studies class. I agree with what you are saying about what the media shows us about school shootings. But I also dont think that we should be reading about the families that are effected by the shooting. The shooters dont deserve to have all the attention, because thats exactly what they were looking for. But the families effected probably dont want the attention. They are having a hard enough time dealing already, and the media attention is probably not going to help. I think that the media should just tell the story, the full story, and not just the parts that will get them the most business. And about celebrities, they suck. They are supposed to be OUR role models. yea, okay..

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